Water treatment systems for houses and cottages: aspects of choice and cost of solutions

Living in your own home has many advantages, but it also comes with some difficulties that apartment owners usually do not think about. And one of the main problems is water treatment in a country house.

Often, private houses receive water not from a centralized water supply system, which may not exist in a village, but from wells and artesian wells. There is a widespread belief about the unconditional purity and sterility of water from such sources, but it is far from the truth; often, such water does not meet sanitary standards at all.

Poor-quality water is dangerous for both health and technology. Water must be purified not only from visible impurities like silt and sand but also from impurities that are invisible to the eye. Water from artesian wells and open sources contains a large amount of dissolved iron, a lot of fluorine, calcium, and hydrogen sulfide. In addition, it may contain toxins—pesticides, nitrates, and heavy metals. We must not forget about microorganisms that can cause many diseases. Therefore, a water treatment system for a cottage should solve several problems at once:

  • Mechanical purification of water from silt, sand and dirt. Such purification is sufficient for the use of water for technical purposes – for example, heating (provided that initially the content of iron, manganese and other metals meets the standards). However, in any case, you cannot drink such water.
  • Water softening and iron removal. It is necessary if the water from the well is too hard and contains a lot of iron.
  • Disinfection . This is the last step of cleaning. At this stage, harmful microorganisms, viruses and organic compounds are destroyed. After that, you can use water for food purposes.

Issue price

Is it expensive to buy a water treatment system? It depends primarily on your needs. The price of water treatment consists of several factors, including the cost of a set of equipment, pipes, fittings, electrical wires, and other parts, as well as the cost of work involved in assembling all components and installing a water treatment system, connecting equipment, and setting it up. Of course, the lion’s share of the cost falls on the actual equipment. The range on the market is huge and includes both simple water treatment systems and very complex ones. The choice of a particular model depends on:

  • degree of water pollution – the worse it is, the more high-tech and expensive filters you will need;
  • peak water consumption – that is, the number of water folding devices: the more there are, the higher the filter performance should be;
  • personal requirements – for some it is fundamentally important that the water used by the family is perfectly clean, for others it is enough just to bring it to an acceptable level of purity that meets safety standards;
  • degree of automation of the system – automatic systems are practically maintenance-free and monitor the cleanliness of the filters themselves. They will cost more, but will last longer than filters that require manual washing.

The simplest filtration systems for cottages cost differently depending on the degree of automation. They will purify the water from mechanical impurities, iron, and unwanted odors and tastes, giving it purity and transparency.

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