Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

Since the Second World War, huge computers (electronic computers) that occupied entire offices, as illustrated in Figure 1, have evolved to compact smartphones in our pockets. Thanks to the development of technology in the global economy, new industries have emerged for development, modern operation, and effective management methods.

Fig. 1. Computers in the days of the USSR.

The innovative activity of all scientists and inventors around the world in the field of cybernetics led computers to such a development. Already today, all smartphones in the world can create a global neural network that will be more powerful than any supercomputer ever created by man. Despite such development and such power, machines still have one vulnerability: the need for energy.

The energy industry is one of the key markets in the modern economy. RES (renewable energy sources) are actively showing their development in this market. For example, Figure 2 shows solar power plants in Chile, where there are more than half of the year’s sunny days, which leads to an overproduction of clean electricity, which is then distributed to the country’s population for free. [2] As in the field of machines and in the field of alternative energy, innovative developments are actively being carried out. To give an example in numbers, in the solar panel market, scientists and inventors have managed to reduce the cost of solar panels from 7 euros per 1 kW (kilowatt) of clean energy to 0.20 euros per 1 kW of clean energy.

Fig. 2. RES in Chile.

This leads to the fact that solar panels become more affordable, and their mobility allows them to be used in remote corners of the earth where it is difficult or expensive to install a traditional electrical grid. By installing solar panels in private homes, one can draw parallels with smartphones, which, when combined, can create a single neural network, just as these solar panels can create a single decentralized power grid. Energy, like money, is transformed from one matter to another. Just as money is a universal tool that can be obtained in exchange for food, medicine, and textiles, so too can electricity be obtained from oil, gas, and atomic fusion. But then there is the question of price. The price is our future, which we pay in exchange for polluting the environment. The place of traditional energy can be taken by renewable energy sources, which can be obtained from the sun, wind, and water. The current global solar energy capacity accounts for 3.6% of the world’s electricity generation. According to the market analysis of the IEA (international energy agency), in 2021, electricity generation from renewable sources continued to grow at a steady pace (+16% in wind and +23% in solar), as global energy production from renewable resources remained dynamic (+93 GW in wind and +133 GW in solar energy). And it is expected to grow to 1940 TWh by 2025.

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